Preventing Post Traumatic Stress

Preventing Post Traumatic Stress

My goal

When I started to line up my ducks to specialize in resolving the symptoms of post traumatic stress, a question kept popping in my mind: What if there was a way to prevent post traumatic stress? There has to be a way. As some of you know, I am stubborn and I am dedicated.

My ultimate goal is to find the answer and the possible solutions to that question.  This is the goal behind my post traumatic stress research.

I am currently researching and seeking tools and techniques that can be used as prevention. Can you imagine having had the chance to reduce or eliminate the possibility of post traumatic stress all together?

If you have ideas or resources to share I would love to hear from you! Together I know we can find the answer!


I firmly believe this is possible and look forward to sharing with you all my findings in 2016!

Warmest regards,

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent

1(613) 265-7488

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