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Kimberly Anne St-Laurent

Passionate about human potential, Kimberly Anne St-Laurent (Kim) has had a great interest in the human mind, human potential and success since an early age.  She has been studying the field to becoming a strategist, hypnotist, breakthrough specialist and coach.  She has learned from some of the greats such as Anthony Robbins, Dr. Cleo Madanes, Dr. Mike Mandel and many more.  She is a lifelong learner seeking to be at the cutting edge of the industry. She is playful, charming, compassionate, competitive and curious.

Part of your team, Kim works alongside with your medical professionals.  If you have had a diagnosis she asks a referral and the agreement of your doctor.  As Kim is not a medical professional, she can not prescribe nor can she diagnose.  In the event you require help outside of her specialty or capacity, she is dedicated to find and refer you to the correct specialist to assist you.

Dedicated to results Kim can’t do the work for you yet she sure is passionate to getting you to where you want to go with the most effective means, saving you time, money and energy. If you are unsatisfied with a session, she stands by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kim has a wide range of training.  Here is a quick list of some she uses in her practice:
Strategic Intervention Coach Training
Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention
Breakthrough Specialist Training
Working With Woman
and more…

Here is the link to her Linkedin profile:

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent on Linkedin

Receipts for insurance companies

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent has been recognized as a Naturotherapist and is part of the ANQ (Association des Naturothérapeute du Québec) and in such can emit receipts for insurance companies (recognized by many insurance companies). If you are covered for naturopathy, read the details as you may be able to claim the costs of services rendered.

To contact Kim please e-mail us at information@kastconsultation.com or call us at 1(613)265-7488.